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About mft self help group

MFT Self Help Group was formally registered in 2013 under the ministry of Gender, Children and Social development with registration No. DGSD/KKY/6377 in the Republic of Kenya.

Started with the membership of  11 members, the groups main  objectives were:


  • Social Welfare
  • Savings and Revolving of funds
  • Borrowing funds from financial institution and also grants
  • Involvement in income generating activites for members benefits.
  • Land Buying and subdivision among members of the group.
  • Support to members incase of sickness /death/ any other approved case by members

From the inception, the group has made major progress in empowering the members and continue to ensure the envisioned  objectives are achived to the later and with members benefits on mind.


The group is open to both male and female kenyans of 18 years of age and of sound mind.  We always offer open window for anyone interested in joining the group provided he/she has the objectives of the group in mind and is willing to abide and follow the groups set guidelines as per the constitution.


Membership registration fee is Ksh. 5000


The  group has monthly meetings on  the first saturday of every month  with a Monthly contribution of Ksh. 1500 that goes towards members savings.


Current Projects include 1 Acre in Konza City Area , an upcoming techo-city part of the Kenya's Goverment Vision 2030 flagship projects. Members are the only shareholder in this project completed in October 2018.


For Grants and Partnership:  We welcome interested government organisations and NGO's willing to partner with us either in terms of  mutual loans or grants for the benefit of the constituent members.  


For More information:


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